Eight (8)Ways You Can Definitely Do Better As An Entrepreneur.

Below are few ideas/ways you can do better, improve yourself and expand your business as an individual or organization. It doesn’t really matter if you are a Food Vendor, Home Decor, Hair Vendor, Fashion Designer, Stylist, Makeup Artist, Shoe Seller/Maker etc, so long you are self employed, you are automatically an entrepreneur.

1)Strategy : As a young entrepreneur, your focus should be your strategies in all angles.
How do you evolve in the midst of competition, your ability to always think outside the box, create your own path and hit the jackpot.

2)Accept Criticism, be open to suggestions, don’t be timid. No man is an island learn from people in same line of business as you, these people are experts already plus they have experiences too, they are not your enemies once you come to understand the terms of business. Ask them questions,humbly seek for their opinions, if you have the opportunity, read articles and books too to improve your business ideas.

3)The four (W) What, Who, When and Where
Business moves with these four W and as such you have to plan with it.
First W=What are you selling. This is a big problem with lot of vendors. Majority just sell cause they see people selling that same wares. But deep down they can do better by picking out the right commodity or services.
Second W=Who are you selling to, I mean your audience/customers.. Chose wisely, you can’t sell hair extensions to just anyone but specifically to hair stylist, and fashioned personnel. Study and Pick the right customers even in your vicinity.

Third W=When are you selling, some small or big scale business have seasons.. Eg Raincoats,  Umbrellas, rainboats all sells during rainy season not dry season.. A good business man or woman should understand these fact. So know When to sell.
Fourth W=Where to sell.. For example you can’t sell circular mixtapes at the church.. Neither can you sell Herbs inside a hospital.. Where you showcase your wares matters alot.. Critically think before you choose business location.

4)Be vocal – Always take advantage of each opportunity and talk about what you have to offer, let people know about your business.. Don’t relent on telling everyone you come across about what you are selling.Don’t ever stop networking and connecting with people. You never can tell who will be needing your services in the crowd.
5)Never mix business with pleasure, it has ruin alot.. Stick to the rules, remain focus for there is time for everything.

6)Be agile, slow and steady doesn’t win the race in the business world.. Always be agile so you can sway your way in the business sectors. Remember you are not the only one out there, the competition hasn’t dropped.
7)Be informed – know what’s going on in the economic sector since it control everything, get updates at every given opportunity. It’s gives you upper hand when handling clients or customers.
8)Choose your circle wisely – You must understand this fact that your income will be the average income of your acquaintances(friends)

In conclusion never belittle any idea, sometimes it sounds crazy but it sure can hit a jackpot.. The jackpot here can only be achieved with determination, hard work and sacrifice. A lot of successful business men and women today put in so much sacrifice to get to the climax of their businesses. Rome wasn’t built in a day neither successful business enterprises and companies.

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