Why You Should Try Out This Simple, Natural And Affordable Home Made Juice.

You will be perplexed at just how easy it is to make juice at home using the lest/common fruits available, in just 30 minutes(Less than an hour).

We all know too much of sugar in our body system is toxic and I know the feeling since it’s not easy to let go especially when it becomes a habit. So If you fall into this sugar lovey category, relax you are just the old me, who just found a way out through a friend’s simple but exquisite fruit juice recipe.. YES! It’s a JUICE recipe not smoothie since am not a fan of it, either way it’s great.

Here are the few reason I love this recipe,I won’t exempt the fact that it taste good plus it’s all natural and healthy as well. Imagine consuming two bottles a day like you usually do to that favorite beer or mineral, gradually it becomes a routine. Considering the present climate in Africa most especially in Nigeria,a glass of home made juice served chilled is never a bad idea you know, I bet you catch the feeling already.

So below are the health benefits of having juice with three simple fruit ingredients (Cucumber ?,Lemon ?, Ginger and Water ?).
1)It quench taste
2)Adding fresh ginger to well squeeze lemon and cucumber extract gives your juice a unique mint taste.
3)With the cucumber extract already in your juice, it ease digestion and lowers blood sugar level, and the list is endless.

How To Prepare

First wash your hands(hygiene) then squeeze your fresh lemons into a cup depending on the amount of lemon. Cut your fresh cucumber and ginger into tiny pieces that must be after washing it,add little water and blender for 1 minute thereafter filter into a bowl preferably to aviod spillage. Finally add your squeezed lemon juice to it,a little water, pour inside a jug/container and place inside the fridge to cool or drink up immediately whichever suits you.

A quick one! Don’t trash that lemon just yet, yes cause it got other health purposes.. You see that squeezed lemon(glove) can be use as a natural face cleanser.. Take the half of it, since its already divided in two, rub on your face and allow to stay for 10-15mins before washing off with warm water. This process makes your skin glows, and clears all blackheads plus it tightens the pores on your face making it smooth and beautiful.

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