My First Clumsy/Hilarious Bike Experience On Thirdmainland Bridge, Lagos State.

Still vivid in my head like it happened yesterday… I could remember how my heart raced faster than ever, the whole sagacious experience was awkward yet hilarious too..

It all started in mid October 2019, with the incessant downpour that almost sabotaged my plans and of course that of other commuters in Lagos state..if you are conversant with Lagos axis you may already have the pictures of what it looks like whenever it rains heavily especially on the mainland..

Wether you are an entrepreneur or employed staff, timing is very important in any organization that’s if you a serious minded businessman/woman that wants to pin down a customer,we all know that consistency and reliability is the watchword hence you lose them fast to another who’s willing to do all It takes to get what you have(Dont hate the player, hate the game that’s business for you).

So back to my story, I was heading back to the Island to meet another customer of mine who needed his package within an hour for an event scheduled for 6pm at Eko hotel meaning he has to leave his present location to the venue within 30 to 40mins depending on how smart and calculative he’s driving..

Here I am at Egbeda heading to oshodi, but stuck in traffic for almost 2 hours, 15Mins…I couldn’t help but check my wristwatch every now and then, I was restless, tired but still had to maintain my cool.. At a time the driver and conductor suggested we start ordering for food or snacks along the road, we couldn’t help but laugh out loud, we all needed that break, the tension, the complaints from co-passers was increasing, as usual driver and passengers were already at each other’s neck, the frustration could be seen and heard as well. Deep down I wished for wings so i can fly down to oshodi or to the island..

I could remember a lady lamenting, “When I won take reach the shop o, Chai, shebi shops nor go don close, which kind traffic be this” if we reach front now, you nor go see wetin dey cause traffic, abi na spirit? “another passenger added.. Once again we burst out in laughter.. Finally we struggled to ikeja along,then Ladepo. Checking my wristwatch 4:15 I exclaimed, at this point I knew I couldn’t take it any more,i have been paid for this said package, even spent the profit I got from it.
Almost Immediately I alighted from the bus, madam u nor go oshodi again? Oga no I responded in a rush as I positioned my handbag to avoid stories that touch.

Oritsemi(My God in Itsekiri language) how do I get a bike now?? there was no time to download the app and I don’t need the  taxify on my phone at this crucial time. Fortunately I saw one few poles away, he then ask madam do you have the app, it’s the cheaper that way, he explained.. No I don’t, after negotiating, I climbed and geared up..
Right there I knew it will be a short but long journey ever cause we will eventually ride on the third mainland bridge.. Ye mogbe I exclaimed again as the driver laughed uncontrollably..
Each time I remember the word “Bridge” my heart raced faster than the bike itself.. I remembered saying a short prayer at Iyana Oworo..

Boom we are on the bridge, I wish there was a drone out there to capture a video of me.. I practically positioned my head to the left hand side to avoid staring at the water.. Few minutes on the bridge I couldn’t take it no more, my neck was acting strange and clumsy,I guess it was stiff or maybe because I made it stare at one side for too long,or the positioning wasn’t right or maybe the helmet was making me uncomfortable, I just couldn’t figure it out, haba such a wrong timing for this my neck sha(soliloquising).

For the first time during the ride I had to conquer every acrophobia in me and take few glimpse at the river, deep down I was shouting “Jesus, Jesus” getting to the end, inbetween my panting I noticed I wasn’t the only one riding on a bike, yes I  saw three other persons in front including a lady. Omg this Lagos enh(Still speaking to myself)
I summoned courage and adjust my neck a bit better than before, or maybe I adjusted my neck cause I knew we were at the extreme, heading towards ikoyi…

OH thank you Jesus I whispered to myself, this is one hell of adventure, I wish the bike man could read my thoughts 💭,thank goodness he couldn’t as I gripped my bag and enjoy the trip till the end. I arrived my destination at about 4:50pm.. I couldn’t help but thanked the bike rider, he was indeed an experienced fellow as the journey was smooth till the end.

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