Couple Who Went To Bury Their Dead Baby Found Another One Buried Alive.

An Indian couple gets the shock of their life after discovering a buried alive baby while trying to buried their own baby, moments after child birth.

According police superintendent Uttar Pradesh and doctor Alka Sgarna who spoke with CNN reporters, disclosed that the incident had occurred on October 10th 2019, when an unidentified couple went to a certain cemetery in northern India to bury their baby, who died minutes after birth. While digging a grave for their child, their spade struck something hard. It was a clay pot and from inside, they could hear a baby crying.

They eventually dug a newborn baby within 3-4days old out, apparently buried alive,the couple immediately summoned the Police as they took the child to a hospital.

Doctor in charge of her treatment, Alka Sagnar revealed the infant had an infection, respiratory problems and was underweight, so she is placed on a ventilator.

Meanwhile Police superintendent Abhinandan Singh told newsmen:

“We are looking for her parents, and it is possible that they are involved in it. Such an act is difficult without their involvement. We have deployed police teams, even in civil dress, to trace the suspects”. Since no one has actually stepped forward to claim the baby ever since she was rescued four days ago.

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