Man Captured Sexually Harassing A Lady Inside Brt Bus. [Video]

According to Twitter user @pee_dolly who shared the video online, disclosed that the incident had happened inside a BRT which was heading to Oshodi from Tollgate.

The man in the viral video, reportedly ejaculated after rubbing his penis on the bum of a woman he stood behind.

She tweeted “Somebody’s Husband, Father, brother, uncle inside Brt Tollgate-Oshodi this morning using his dick to rub a Woman’s ass. The fact that he ejaculated pissed me more. .
Ladies ehn if you can avoid public transport please do and if it can’t be avoided stay vigilant if a male is behind you. Say No to Sexual Assault . .
Ma’am will get home to wash Cum on her dress without knowing how she got stained”.
Watch video below…


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