Nigerian Father Disfigured Son’s Face With Hot Knife,Twitter User Revealed.

A lady identified by her Twitter account as @ryann_agada took to her page to narrate and share photos showing how a young boy has suffered barbarism from his own father in Cross Rivers, Calabar.

She reveals victim’s father and stepmother have been maltreating the young boy and recently discovered one of such brutally led to his disfigured face after his father placed hot knife on his cheek because he stole a meat from the pot.She wrote

“I have been seeing this little boy for a couple of days, but I thought he was just one random kid that stays around. But he caught my attention yesterday when I saw him standing close to a flower in front of my house… He was acting as if he was hiding from someone…
I called him and asked what he was doing there. He said nothing.
I told him to leave that place and go home, he said he couldn’t. I asked why, and he told me his story…
That his dad is married to another woman, she maltreats him, she doesn’t give him food. That his dad always beat him. The scar on his face was as a result of a knife the dad put in the fire and placed on his jaw because he stole meat from the pot.
He said he was hungry so I gave him food, water and then told him to go home and apologise to his dad.
I went out and came back around 11pm to see this little child sleeping in front of one closed shop, Outside. It was drizzling and everywhere was cold. I woke him up and asked why he hasn’t gone home. In his words ” my father pursue me from house because my auntie break Television come talk say na me”.
(I’m trying to post the video but it’s not loading i don’t know why)
I couldn’t leave him outside so I told him to sleep in my corridor. I gave him a wrapper to cover himself. I was even scared. So this morning I took him to one policeman That lives in my area. He said they’re going to arrest the dad.
His mum is late.
This little boy needs help
He is currently at uwanse police in Calabar.

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