23yrs Old Boy Arrested For Killing His Neighbour In Niger State.

Twenty three (23) years old man identified as John Joshua, has been arrested by the police for allegedly stabbing his neighbour to death in Zazzaga, Niger State.

According to news report, Joshua was said to have stabbed Yohanna Ali with a knife, following a misunderstanding between the deceased and his father, Umar.

Speaking to newsmen Joshua disclosed “I killed him because he insulted my father. He forgot that I would confront him. I have never insulted his father before, so why should he disrespect my father? .

“When I confronted him, he did not show any remorse; rather he asked what I would do. So, I stabbed him in his ribs, which caused his death. For this disrespectful act, in his next world, he wouldn’t disrespect elders.”

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