Four (4) Important Tips To Be Consider Before Having Sex..

While kissing and caressing your lover, the last thing you want to do is turn them off. What you say,each move and each step of the way counts most especially for a gentleman trying to have sex or make love to his woman..There is a general consensus that good sex is paramount in relationships,so be good at what you do otherwise you end up pushing your partner out into the arms of another..

1)Look Good, Smell Nice..

Most important tip you must never ignore no matter how long you have been together is your personal fragrance.. Be as sweet as candy but make sure you smell good like some fresh rose flowers most especially for each other .. It’s paramount you breath smell nice if that means brushing you teeth and tongue thoroughly before kick-starting or using a mouth wash.  Nothing turns a man or woman off than bad breath or odour of any kind.. Looking good is important but smelling good is far more important before and after love making.2)Be conscious of each sex positions.

Aside the fact that injuries are certain with some sex positions,do you know so complicated sex positions brings about unimaginable noises that most time sound embarrassingly similar to flatulence.

3)Be Sure Your Partner Is Ready.

You don’t just assumed during sex, make sure you carry your partner along. Be sure he or she is ready at the moment better still put them in the mood do they can put their mind to it each step of the way because that’s where the fun lies.4)Never ignore the sensitive part in each other body’s.

Be sure to pay attention to your partners genitals starting from the knees, wrists, back and stomach focus until you sure of his or her erogenous parts,try something new rather than your usual routine.

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