Ladies!!! Check Out Seven (7) Easy Ways You Can Enhance Rapid Hair Growth.

Still wondering why your hair isn’t growing the way it ought to??maybe that’s because you are not eating healthy. Change is the only thing constant in life and if you desire to experience positive changes in your hair you must;1)Avoid junk food and unhealthy fats,focus on healthy nutritional supplement that contains Vitamin C,D,E,Iron,Zinc and Protein.2) According to research, women tends to have incessant hair breakage, so therefore it is advisable to be conversant with irregular changes in the body. Another basic to rapid hair growth is to avoid tight hairstyles, and any other thing that can possibly trigger hormonal changes .3)Always comb out your hair carefully with a wide-tooth comb, especially if it’s curly and is hand washed by you since they are fragile and prone to breakage.

4)Learn to pamper your natural hair at all times by trimming and applying natural treatment frequently .5)Do you know that inability to rinse shampoo off your hair completely causes itchy and dry scalp,so make sure you rinse your hair thoroughly and apply hair conditioner at all times to avoid scalp or hair damage. 6)Shampoo your hair once a week or every other week not on daily basis since the African hair texture is drier and more brittle than Asian or Caucasian hair. So washing it on daily basis can suck out the natural oil needed for hair growth which easily leads to hair breakage. Don’t be worried if your hair is looking all oily and greasy so long it smells nice.7)Limit constant use of hair dryers and dry naturally since Hair dryers can be tough on hair sometimes.

Quick Home Recipes For Rapid Hair Growth..

1)Egg Yolk With Olive Oil. Mix two egg yolks with two tablespoons of olive oil and add about a cup of water to dilute before applying the mixture on your hair .Wait 30minutes before washing off with warm water and shampoo.2)Do you know banana does hair wonders???

Okay try this, get some banana peel it and make into paste .You can either blend or whisk it to paste. Apply the paste on your hair and cover with a plastic bag. Wait for thirty minutes before washing it off off with warm water.
3)Mayonnaise Home remedy

Get your hair a bit damp, not completely wet. Add some amount of mayonnaise and massage into your hair, Start from the roots up to the tips and leave for about 30 minutes thereafter rinse with warm water and diluted shampoo.

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