More Photos From The Scene Of Collapsed School Building In Lagos State.

Following the tragedy that happened on the the Island in Lagos state, more children/victims have been rescued from the collapsed school building at the Itafuji axis.

The state governor, Akinwunmi Ambode, who paid a visit to the scene of the incident as he sympathized with the families of those who lost their children/ward yesterday and added that the deputy governor is also visiting victims admitted at the hospital.

He said,

The first observation is that this is an old building and it is only the Pent House and the other floors that we have been able to use to rescue people. So far, from what I have been briefed also, we have rescued about 25 people and some already dead but we were earlier informed that it was a school, the building is not technically a school, it is a residential building that was actually accommodating an illegal school”.

“All we are trying to do is to continue this operation. Our response unit are already here; we are getting additional cranes to be able to go deeper than where we are now to rescue more lives. I just want to appeal to people that when we are doing this kind of rescue operation, yes sympathizers will naturally come, but I want to appeal that they should give the rescue workers the chance to save more lives”.

“Like we have said, we have been carrying out a lot of integrity tests on the buildings in this neighborhood and as you can see some of them have been marked for demolition but we get resistance from landlords but we must continue to save lives and we would intensify our efforts to see that those that have failed our integrity test, we would ensure that they are quickly evacuated and we bring the structures down”.

“The Deputy Governor was at the hospital to actually take care of those that had been sent to the there, most especially the children that had been rescued.

“On the part of government, we would immediately take care of whatever it is that we can do, including the hospital bills. All we are interested in now is to save more lives and also see how those that have been rescued are put in proper place and proper care”.

The General Officer Commanding of 81 Division and the Brigade Commander are here to maintain peace and allow us to save more lives. That is what is important to us and the more lives we save, the better for us”.

“This is unfortunate, but we will investigate what has happened and also see the punishment for whoever are the culprits. That is the secondary level but the most important thing right now is to save lives and I just appeal to people that they should give us the chance to save more lives”.

As gathered by news report, a pregnant woman, the school proprietor and 19 others have been confirmed dead.. Meanwhile tragedy also struck a woman who reportedly loss all five children inside the collapsed School building and another man has threatened to take his life after losing all three children,according to eyewitness the man had only paid their school fees yesterday after they were driven out of school for almost one week.

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