Must Read!!! America Movie Star Whoopi Goldberg”Very Close To Leaving The Earth”.

America movie star Whoopi Goldberg who has been missing from the popular show “The View” dropped in a message for her fans via short video clip.

The 63 years old Celebrity icon and a co-host of “The View” revealed how she narrowly escape death due to her life threatening sickness “Septic Pneumonia” which currently led to her absence from the show for a while now.

She said
“I’m not dead,
“Hey, yes, it’s me. I am here. I am up and moving around — not as fast as I’d like to be, but I’m OK”.

According to New York Daily report, Whoopi Goldberg in the short clip spoke at length whilst she tried explaining what happened and as well thanked everyone for their good wishes.

“Here’s what happened: I had pneumonia, and I was septic. Pneumonia in both lungs, which meant there was fluid, there was all kinds of stuff going on. And yes, I came very close to leaving the earth,good news I didn’t continue”she said

Still in her good spirit in same video which was clearly shot at home, she added by saying, “Thank you for all your good wishes, all of the wonderful things people have been saying. Even people who aren’t huge fans of mine have actually said nice things about me. We all know that’s going to change when I get back, but for right now, it’s brilliant”.

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