CEO CakesbyTosan Wow Followers With Beautiful Cakes.[Photos]

It’s indeed creativity at its peak as Nigeria talented cake designer Tosan Jemide, CEO of Cakes by Tosan keeps intriguing followers of his page with contemporary cakes.
Spending more than two decades in cake business, it seems the Itsekiri cake maker never stop thrilling fans with luxurious but creamy cakes.

The Lagos base pastry designer, few minutes ago uploaded another mind blowing cake which he personified with his rich cultural heritage.

He wrote
“The Itsekiri bride from South south region of Nigeria has always stolen the moment with her trendy mix of colours & beautiful adornment of opulent jewelry of gold,silver and coral. She’s not shy but very confident & classy in all ways. Indeed she is the definition of modern day African woman”.

More photos

Photos @cakesbytosan

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