Photos From Prince Harry And Meghan’s 3Days Visits To Suva Fiji.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex arrived Suva Fiji earlier this week for a three days tour and were greeted by hundreds well wishers.

Suva Fiji is small country situated in
South Central Asia, it used to be a former British colony that became independent in 1970 and later became a republic.

The couple who seems to be touring around countries had arrived Australia on Tuesday with Megan looking radiant in her pregnancy with no intention to reduce her schedule in Fiji.

Both children in uniform and old people were seen all lined up on the street giving the Royal couple a receptive welcome as they waved with flags even after Prince Harry and Meghan drove pass them.

It will be recall that Fiji still remain part of the Commonwealth group of countries and also a popular destination for tourists due to its conducive environment that is mostly surrounded by beaches and warm climate.

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