Reason Why Satanist Teenager Sets Russia 250 Years Old Church On Fire.

15years old boy who parades himself as a satanist reportedly burnt down 250 years old historical church from Russia.

Ignat Sharapov known for posting satanic photos online was detained for setting an old wooden orthodox church on fire last week using 5litres of gasoline.


According to suspect who called the police to report himself claimed his reason for burning down one of Russia’s oldest place of worship is because does not like church.


Expert have given estimate cost of £1 million to reconstruct the 138 ft church  that was as tall as 12 storey building situated at Lake Onega in Karelia republic in northern Russia.

Family confirmed Ignat Sharapov openly revealed he was going to burn down the said church during breakfast and before they finished eating, he rushed out of the house and headed straight to the church. 

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    Posted: December 7, 2018 02:36


    Really disappointing not to have this POShiite's ptcture just so we can have a focus for our fury at this. Raised religious (1-9th grades schools) but the history and beauty of this being destroyed by an animal like this is infuriating! TRUTH: Never condone it, but if I read this POS was severely injured either by the fire he set or by villagers thay caught him, THAT WOULD BE GEAT!