Seven(7)Simple Ways You Can Make Her Beg For More. [+18]

Not just the women folk alone, Men ought to be romantic and creative as well, learn to drive your woman crazy with all the TLC(Tender love and care)you got.

There is a huge difference between having sex and making love that is what every man born of Adam must know, the basic reason why most women cheat is lack of sexual satisfaction,due to the fact that some men are boring when it comes to the bedroom affairs and others can only go one round.

What happened to all the sexiness inside you, take out time learn to explore with your partner right inside the bedroom,sex is meant for reproduction Yes! but pleasure as well.

Below are few ways you can make your woman beg for more.

1)Push her slowly on the bed :

This is done after you must have gently removed her clothes, starting from her footwear down to her panties. This phase should be done Slowly until she’s completely naked.

2)Maintain Eye Contact :  

Whatever you do you must maintain an eye contact,this gently triggers the connection and chemistry going on between both of you.


Before taking off her clothes, you already kissing really hard, after talking it all out while you must maintain an eye contact and continue kissing as well.Right from her head down to her toes.

4)Ask Her How She Wants It:

In love making, you must ask questions, ask if she wants it really fast or slow, ask what make her horny, some ladies love fingering and others doesn’t, keep up with nasty conversation.

5)Suck Her Hard:
Suck her nipples and her pussy. Suck until she cries out in happiness,make her yearn for more and then whisper in her ear “baby have only just started”.

Do you know most lady can reach orgasm with just pre- intimacy.

6)Enter Her Slowly :

You mustn’t rush while you insert your sick, start on a slow pace and gradually increase it until you hear her lose control and moan uncontrollably.

7) Don’t Focus On One Style :

We have different styles when it comes to love making at all time you must be creative, bring out those silly styles you have always imagined be sure to ask if she’s comfortable with it. The essence of making love is when you are able to hit the G. spot and both partners cum almost same time.


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