Tomorrow Is Unknown!!! Do These Things While You Still Got The Chance .

Some won’t mind driving miles to come and bury the dead, they will even buy expensive coffin and Aso-Ebi but won’t send the person a text to check up on them neither contribute a penny to encourage and support them during their days on earth.
#Irony_of_live .

Change your ways my brothers,sisters,churches,forums, Big men in the family & society friends and we’ll wishers ?only the living can actually appreciate efforts shown to them not the dead.

Learn to encourage and support people with the little you can while you still have the opportunity, tomorrow is not always guaranteed. We only live by fate because our Saviour Jesus Christ lives.???

Be your brother’s keeper, show love, give even without being asked,and without expectation, pray for one another. All these are possible now that the fellow is still breathing not when he or she is dead.

By; Tj

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