House Help Wreck Havoc On Two Little Children While The Other Battles For Life.

According to a Facebook post by Mr Kingsley Chukwuemeka, some children were allegedly set on fire by their young house help in an unidentified location.

The wicked act was exposed after one of the boy died yesterday due to serious injuries sustained during and after the fire incident.

‎The boys identified as Ebuka and Ekene were reportedly set ablaze three weeks ago by their young house help for no concrete reason.

After much struggle and agony Ekene finally gave up yesterday morning due to injuries sustained while Ebuka continue battling for his life.

Kingsley Chukwuemeka Ubani cousin to Ekene and Ebuka wrote;

“May be its time to talk about this. About three weeks ago, my two little cousins met a near fatal fate as their house help, a minor set them ablaze for no concrete reason”.

“My boy Ekene and his brother Ebuka fought hard. This night, around 1am, news reached us that Ekene has lost the battle. Ebuka is still fighting on. Please pray for my boy Ebuka“.

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