Question Your Kids Will Probably Ask When You Are Weary And Grey Haired As A Man.

When you are old grey haired and weary and your kids ask you why you didn’t leave them any assets, why you have nothing to show for after all these years, my brother don’t lie and say you didn’t have any money or you weren’t opportune.

Tell them the truth that you wasted your life spam due to wrong decisions, bad influence and laziness, Tell them you spent it on non essentials. Tell them you were busy chasing women, marking registers at various clubs, washing leaders cars, uncles and aunt when you were supposed to be working.

Tell them you wasted your entire life on #loyalty Syndrome when your mates were husstling right. Tell them pride and laziness didn’t enable you take right decisions as a man, tell them you were #squatting when your mates were out on the scorching sun working hard to provide for their family, starting live stage by stage,living in a single room apartment, setting things right, raising up family etc.

The truth is most youths are basically backward cause of #fear #pride and #laziness. That’s why you see a full grown man still leaving under somebody’s roof, still waiting on peanuts from his parents or relative. After wasting their youthful days they will start looking for whom to #blame.The point here is this, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a step.



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