Nurturing Positive Attitude “Gratitude”

Today am moved to write on something I titled “GRATITUDE

You see the world is indeed a small place yet people still find it difficult to appreciate fellow human beings they still find it difficult to appreciate their creator God Almighty.

Do you know the Bible supports gratitude, check 1thes 5:18 it says “in everything give thanks” how can you keep mute after that favour/gesture was shown to you. How can you be so ungrateful after somebody irrespective of the relationship you had put in that lovely effort just to help relieved you or make you smile . A wise man once said Gratitude ie “Appreciation Is Application For More “.

There a times I concidentially stumbled or watch couples behavior and find some really unbelievable with zero optative.

Your darling husband squeeze out time to pick the kids from school even run few errands yet as a wife you can’t even appreciate that effort by simply saying “Thank You” .He bought you something,took you shopping, no kisses, no hugs not even “Thank You”.Dear wife I think you need proper counseling.

Your lovely wife after the close of day from work or business plus dealing with the kids, traffic, running errands, school runs, now cooking a delicious dinner despite being tired but the majestic ego in you as a “Husband” won’t make you say “Thank You”,while still on that aspect you wake her up just to satisfy your Joystick yet no words of appreciation. hmmm seriously dear husband you really need to work on that ego/attitude of yours.Appreciating your wife doesn’t make you less than the man you are. Couple that appreciates each other gives room for more efforts. Remember it always takes two to tango.

Now your maid, worker,family member even associate did that tiny favour just the way you assume it to be eg he or she went extra mile to help you buy that necessity despite the distance or probably they added some extra cash for the purchase of that commodity. Now am still trying to understand what stops you from saying “Thank You” ?
Please put yourself in their shoes how do you feel when people don’t see or appreciate those efforts of yours?.

Lemme quickly drop this with you,”Do Unto Others What You Will Have Them Do To You Cause What Goes Around Comes Around “.
This entire paraphrase is just between us as human, how about our Heavenly Father ?

Do you sincerely show appreciation? Do you thank him for those tiny things you think he did for you even though others aren’t privileged to enjoy it like you did.

Do you thank him for sparing your life, for good health, for the fact you are not on a life support machine?. Have you thanked him for protection, provision, promotion etc?
Let’s learn to appreciate those little things,efforts and gestures now that we are still opportune,tomorrow is surely pregnant.

By Timeyin Jane

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