Simple Tips On How Men Can Avoid Low Sperm Count.

Low sperm counts also know as infertility is man’s inability to impregnate a woman through natural means. We will try as much as we can to break each steps for easy assimilation.

Infertility in men varies and medical research proves that it could caused by

1.Infections like STDs or STI

2. Sperm count disorder

3.Exposure to poisonous environmental chemicals

4.Wearing tight boxers


6.Hormones disorder


8.Drug abuse

9. Severe mumps infection after puberty

10.Blockage or side effects caused by previous infection etc.

Low sperm count can be treated/avoided,like we all know prevention is far better than cure. Below are few ways men can avoid it thereby increasing quality semens that could help fertilize the eggs in women.

1.Regular exercise

2.Enough consumption of Vitamins especially vitamin C & D.

3.Try as much as you can to minimize stress.

4.Take natural Supplements like fruits such as Walnuts, Banana and Tomatoes.

5.Avoid drugs except it’s doctor’s prescriptions. Avoid hard drugs as well.

6.Wear cotton boxers,cotton texture enhance skin tenderness.

7.More folic acid and less caffeine

8.Get Enough Zinc.

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