Age, Height,Size Doesn’t Count In Marriage,Check Out Lovely Pre-wedding Photos.

Indeed age, size, height and race doesn’t matter in relationships/marriage for love conquers it all.Below are lovely pre-wedding photos with some inspirational captions as posted by facebook user Solomon Buchi Bartholomew

Always remember that you’re someone’s choice; just the way you are, without editing or recreation. You’re everything someone needs, and your flaws will be beautiful to them. Never for a moment regret how you look, or the natural features you came with. People will make jest of your big nose, small ear, short nature, fat body, but believe me when I say your flaws beautify you. To feel bad about them is to feel bad about your selling point” .


“Cool. Some folks don’t like it. But there’s someone who’d die for you for just the same reason others left you”.

“Build your esteem with your own words of value. You’re beautiful. Deserving of love. Enough. And someone’s choice.
It’s okay if they reject you. Someone’s praying to have you”.

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