Motivation Talk: Learn To Set Your Priorities Straight.

A man isn’t a man until he knows what he wants and go for it. The best form of achievement is certainly through self discipline. You can’t get your priorities right while acting of someone else’s script.

Nobody has it all, no one is perfect but working towards perfection should be your motive as a man who wants to make a difference in all aspects.

Sometimes things gets screwed up as it is a natural phenomenon.Sometimes you may encounter betrayal, anger, fear, heartbreak, financial struggles, family and job issues etc,but you got to say to yourself, I can be the best I wanna be. I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me.

Quickly give yourself a reality check and make a difference as you learn to prioritize everything on your list. There is power in rediscovering and you can get to your topnotch only when your priorities are right on track.Know what you want,how you want it, where you want it and when you want it, write it down, work towards it step by step.Each year should at least come with an achievement,something tangible.

Alway aim for the moon but if you miss it you might hit the stars, brace up your self get things done as time waits for nobody. 

Good luck 

By Timeyin Jane

Categories:   Inspirational