Never allow what people think or say about you affect you direction and goals in life. When they see downfall ,prove to them that there is a lifting up.Where they see deadend ,prove to them there is a way no matter how tiny it is.(always a road at the end of the tunnel)The Israelite army at the battle field mocked David about his intention to kill Goliath (uncircumcised Philistine)But David never paid attention to side talk because it is a distraction.
Because the problem is visible doesn’t mean it cannot be overcome.,Never give room for anybody to discourage you,if you believe in your heart and work towards that goal alongside prayers you will surely achieve it.So many a times these people that try to put you down or discourage never have any good contributions to your life,when you are sick,they won’t assist you to the clinic,when there is no food on your table ,they can’t offer any help on how to get you a tiny portion of food but yet they are always saying negative things to you.
Before David killed Goliath no body encouraged or give him the support he needed but yet he came out victorious because he was determined,stop listening to side talk unless you wanna be distracted.

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